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high power Portable Solar charger add on for portable devices - Supercharger PRO

Ultimate add-on for your Freeloader Pro

Tough, portable, high Power. Turns your 'Pro' into the go-anwywhere Super Pro!

Supercharger Pro - Add-on Solar charger for Freeloader Pro




Supercharger PRO

Boost your Freeloader Pro

Supercharger Pro is really tough and really fast way to charge your Freeloader Pro. Supercharger Pro will fully charge up a Freeloader Pro in as little as 4 hours in full sun. That means you can charge Freeloader Pro twice in one day!

Supercharger Pro uses an ultra efficient, compact, 1.8 Watt Peak (Wp) crystalline solar cell and when you combine it with the Freeloader Pro's own solar cells it fast charging in all weather conditions.

Supercharger Pro is weather resistant and supplied in a tough case with two clever buckles and a Velcro attachment strap for secure fixing to a rucksack, travel bag, bike panniers etc. It weighs in at only 280 grams.

Supercharger Pro easily connects to the Freeloader Pro using its in-built cable.

Just plug in for instant performance

Please note: This product is only designed to work with Freeloader Pro

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Freeloader Supercharger Pro
Add on panel for Freeloader Pro

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Technical Spec - Freeloader PRO

1.8 Wp solar cell

Tough Case gives protection in all weather conditions

Size – 255mm x 250mm x 23mm

Weight – 300g

Supercharger Pro solar charger Supercharger Pro solar powered add-on for Freeloader Pro


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