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Solar panels for you caravan, motorhome or boat

Portable Foldable solar panels

Selectatech's 90Wp and 120Wp portable, foldable panels are great for anyone with a caravan, motorhome or even a tent. No fixing or fitting, one minute to setup. The 90 W kit can also be supplied with an optional aluminium flight case for extra protection.

What size solar Panel do I need?

solar panels - foldup and portable

Looking for touch flexible solar panel? then take a look at the Flexi-PV premium range.


Selectatech Portable Foldable Solar Panels

These 90 W and 120 W Portable Folding Solar Panels are a great piece of kit for caravanning, camper van or motorhome enthusiasts where electrical hook-up is not always possible. All kits com with a fixed charge controller (regulator) on the rear of the panel and all connectors you need to trickle charge your leisure battery. Selectatech Portable Foldable Solar Panels enable you to continue using your 12 V system even when you can't hook-up and re-charge.

The 90W Portable Foldable Solar Panels is small in size, light weight and highly efficient making it very practical. The 120W is still light weight and folds up to an easy to carry size.You can set either up in under 1 minute, relax and plug in to the sun.

FREE hardwearing protective carry case with every Portable Folding Solar Panel.

*Optionally the 90 W model can be supplied with a durable aluminium case for extra protection

  • Ideal for charging leisure batteries anywhere
  • Set up quickly outside your caravan or motorhome – it takes less than a minute
  • 90 W or 120 Ws olar panels will charge batteries for normal day to day use
  • Exceptional low-light performance for maximum performance all year round
  • Built in angle adjusted support to ensure maximum exposure to the sun and to get the maximum power output
  • Includes a back stand
  • Blocking diode prevents reverse charging
  • Has a charge controller (regulator) to prevent over charging
  • Free storage and carry bag
  • *Optional durable aluminium case for the 90 W model for extra protection
Dimensions closed
(w x h x d mm)

Dimensions Open
(w x h x d mm)

90Wp 503 x 700 x 70mm 1006 x 700 x 35mm 10.3 Built in
120Wp 660 x 740 x 70mm 1320 x 740 x 35mm 13.9 Built in

90Wp with Alu Case

670 x 530 x 80mm 670 x 1065 x 40mm 17kg with case Built in

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Selectatech Portable Foldable Solar Panels
Foldup Panel(s) + all necessary cabling to connect ot your leisure battery

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