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Portable Solar charger for portable devices

The Next Generation or Professional Portable Solar Chargers

The metallic push button "Power Halo" indicates how much power is in Freeloader Pro’s battery.

Freeloader Pro - Portable Solar charger for phones and tablets




Freeloader PRO

The Next Generation in Portable Solar Power

Freeloader Pro is the portable solar charger. It is can power virtually every electrical device, it can operate anywhere in the world, beaches to mountains, jungles to the Polar ice cap!

Freeloader Pro uses high power solar panels or USB (cable supplied) to rapidly charge its internal battery (7 – 9 hours in sunny conditions). Once fully charged Freeloader Pro can deliver enough power to give a mobile phone 70 hours of standby time, 5000 page turns on an eBook or a 100% full charge for a digital camera battery.

Also by switching its Multi voltage switch to 9.5V Freeloader Pro is even capable of charging power hungry, devices such as MP4 players, portable DVD players and SLR camera batteries. The metallic push button "Power Halo" indicates how much power is in Freeloader Pro's battery.

Made in tough, black aluminium, Freeloader Pro is the perfect companion for adventure travellers, and anyone who demands the best

The iPhone 5 will charge from the freeloader Pro using the sync cable supplied with the iPhone

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Freeloader Pro
The Swiss army penknife of the solar mobile charging world

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Technical Spec

200mA premium quality crystalline solar cells
1600mAh internal Li-ion battery
Charge Freeloader Pro using its solar panels in 8 hours or via a PC in 3 hours

Power Halo: Press to illuminate blue power halo showing power available from FreeLoader Pro's battery: each quadrant illuminated represents 25% of full charge

The 10 adapter tips included with FreeLoader Pro cover the following devices:

  • Nokia phones using both standard and mini adapter (2 adapters)
  • All current Samsung phones (2 adapters)
  • All current LG phones
  • All current Sony Ericsson phones
  • iPod, iPhone, iTouch
  • Nintendo DS Lite
  • Mini USB adapter for Motorola phones, Blackberry and most smartphones, Garmin/Sat Map and most GPS, bluetooth headsets, PDAs
  • 4mm tip for Sony PSP, Archos and most MP4 players, 2 way radios, portable DVD players, e-books, digital cameras and PDAs

USB socket in built to allow connection from devices with their own USB charge cable – e.g. Apple products.

Black Aluminium body
Supplied with detailed user manual

Input Voltage from USB: 5v 500mA
Output Voltage: 4.5v – 9.5v
Weight: 174g
Folded Size: 150 x 63 x 20mm
Open size: 238 x 63 x 20mm

Freeloader classic solar charger for Blackberry Freeloader classic solar powered charger for iPhone


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