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Portable Solar charger for phones

Power on the Move - Freeloader classic can charge most popular portable devices.

Supplied with 9 connector tips including micro USB and a USB socket, Freeloader Classic is ready for action, straight from the box!

Freeloader Classic - Portable Solar charger for phones and tablets


Portable Solar charger for phones, GPS, games



Freeloader CLASSIC

Solar power on the go

The Freeloader Classic is Swiss army penknife of the solar mobile charging world! Beautifully designed and robust it features the most cutting edge electronics capable of powering mobile devices including the iPad and iPad2.

The stylish aluminium skin houses super powerful solar panels capable of giving power to an iPod / iPhone for 18 hours, a smart phone for 44 hours, a PSP or DS for 2.5 hours and an iPad for 2 hours.

The Freeloader Classic's LCD data panel provides useful information about battery level, power input and connectivity. Supplied with 9 connector tips including micro USB and USB socket.

The iPhone 5 will charge from the freeloader Classic using the sync cable supplied with the iPhone

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Freeloader Classic
The Swiss army penknife of the solar mobile charging world

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Technical Spec

150mA premium quality crystalline solar cells
1200mAh environmentally friendly Li-ion battery
Charge Freeloader Classic using its solar panels in 8 hours or via a PC in 3 hours

Supplied with a master cable and nine adaptors to fit the following:

  1. Mini USB – Motorola, Blackberry, Smartphone, iMate etc .
  2. Micro USB – Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia etc – the new "standard phone adaptor"
  3. 4mm straight jack – PSP, TomTom, EBook etc
  4. Nokia 3.5mm straight jack
  5. Nokia 2mm straight jack
  6. Sony Ericsson – wide adaptor
  7. Samsung – G600 series adaptor
  8. LG – Chocolate, Prada etc
  9. DS – DS Lite

USB socket in built to allow connection from devices with their own USB charge cable – e.g. Apple products.

Aluminium body
Supplied with detailed user manual

Size – 123x62x17mm
Weight – 124g

Freeloader classic solar charger for Blackberry Freeloader classic solar powered charger for iPad


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