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Solar panels for you caravan, motorhome or boat

Flexible solar panels for caravan roofs

Build your own mini solar array with the Flexi-PV system. Rugged, flexible PV panels that can be fitted to most curved surfaces.
Flexi-PV | Flexi-PV Premium

Flexible solar panels

Foldup panels for your caravan, portable and set up in under a minute.
PV Logic, Selectatech

Premium rigid solar PV panels for caravans, campervans and motohomes

Rigid solar panels for caravans from Selectatech, Solar Technology and Truma


Solar panels for Caravans

If you are looking for solar panels for your caravan there are a number of very practical options open to you. In particular flexible panels and portable solar panels, a third option is fixed panels.

Flexible solar panels for caravans

The beauty of flexible solar panels is that they can be fitted flush, even on the curved roof surfaces of many modern caravans. The technology for producing these flexible panels has moved on very rapidly and they us high quality crystalline cell that are designed to operate in extreme environments - including at sea - so these make a great choice for caravans. We currently supply two ranges of flexible solar panels suitable for caravans, these are both from Solar Technology: the Flexi-PV and the Flexi-PV premium. Both have a 20 year cell output warranty.

The power output ranges from 10 Wp up to 80 Wp. These clever kits can also be built into arrays and the different sizes and outputs means you can tailor them to your required power output and you roof space.

Portable, fold up solar panels for caravans

For many caravanners this is the simplest and most convenient option, the foldup panels are easy to transport, setup in moments and packed away when not in use. The solar units are self contained including the charge controller, so they are plug-and-play. Each solar panel has an integrated stand, a built-in charge controller and battery connectors.

The power output from these portable solar panels ranges from 40 Wp to 120 Wp. Solar Leisure supply two ranges for portable solar units, the PV Logic Range and the Selectatech Range. If you are looking for lighter smaller units then the PV Logic range starts ar 7kg with 40 Wp output. At the top end of the power range the Selectatech 120 Wp unit weighs in at 13.9 kg. And if you are looking for a really compact using there is a super compact foldable unit that will trickle charge your caravan's leisure battery.

Fixed solar panels for caravans

The third option for caravans is the fixed solar panel. These panels are rigid and require a reasonably flat surface to fix to. The kits can be supplied in a number of options, including full mounting kits and charge controllers and wiring. The solar panel output starts from 5 Wp right up to a huge 150 Wp. The weight of these units should be considered as they are roof mounted. There is a wide range of options for roof mounted solar kits for caravans, Solar Leisure can supply Selectatech, Solar Technology and Truma SolarSets. Fixed solar panels are great for caravans where space is at a premium, also reduces the risk of theft.

The Selectatech panels come with everything you need for installation and range from 90 Wp to 135 Wp. Solar Technology start a just 5 Wp and 1kg right up to a 150 Wp unit. Truma Solarsets start at 23 Wp up to 150 Wp.