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Solar power products for outdoor leisure pursuits. Camping, caravanning, motorhomes and boats.

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About Solar Leisure

Solar Leisure is a specialist division of Midland Motor Movers Ltd that is focused on providing the outdoor leisure market with high quality solar power solutions.

Technology moves at an amazing pace and new developments in high quality crystalline solar modules means that it is now practical and affordable to use portable solar panels and solar arrays for a range of outdoor leisure activities. Portable fold up units can be setup in seconds next to your caravan, motorhome or tent. Rigid units can be attached to motorhome or caravan roofs and to the decks of boats and yachts. For vehicles and boats that have many curved surfaces we can supply flexible panels that can be attached to almost any curved surface and connected in an array to form your own mini solar array.

If you are walking, hiking climbing or just constantly on the move and you need to keep your tech fullcharged then we have the ourstanding Freeloader Portable charger range. From the handy Freeloader Pico to the, ultimate globetrotter Pro and SuperCharger Pro kit. From camcorders, cameras to iPhones, iPad, and Smartphones like Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc. never be caught out again!

Solar Leisure's mission to to keep abreast of the latest developments and provide you with the best selection of portable solar power solutions.

Solar Leisure is based in the Midlands.

Solar panels for Caravans, Solar panels for motorhomes, RVs and camper vans.

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